Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Attitude!! Attitude!! Attitude!!

We've been doing the daily's.We had a great evening out together.It was late.I just didn't want a spanking.

Shannon announced it was time and ask me to get the spoon.I was like what? Seriously?He said yeah seriousy it's a daily,why not? Well it's late for one.I threw the covers back and got the spoon.It's on my side of the bed in the nightstand so I grabbed it and sorta tossed it in his direction and then walked over to him.He told me to drop my pants and get in position.I told him I didn't think the door was locked.Well then you better go lock it.

He started the spanking and said this is your daily when I'm done you can have a spanking for your attitude.What attitude!? The one you have right now and the one you had when you jerked backed the covers,threw the spoon,and stomped to the door.I didn't stomp anywhere and I gave you the spoon the same way I always do.He informed me that I did stomp and that when he ask for an implement he wants it handed to him not thrown.

He finished the daily and moved on to the attitude spanking.I'd like to say at that point I was on my best behavior but no! He was asking questions then spanking, asking question ,spanking and everytime the spanking got harder and harder.That's when I stood up arms crossed and said if your just gonna keep spanking me everytime you ask a questions I'm not answering them anymore! It was pretty much down hill from there.

When it was over neither of us were very happy with the other.He promised another spanking for the continued attitude and we went to sleep.I felt really bad that I had acted that way when I woke up the next morning.I did text him and apologize.I'm really not sure what got into me.

Things are settled now and the attitude is gone for sure.


  1. Oh man, I hate when C spanks me when I'm just not in the mood :( But sounds like you worked through it, good for you! :-)

  2. I'm never in the mood for discipline, but I'm like you..not so smart in the moment, sometimes! Hindsight is always twenty/twenty, and I wonder what I was thinking? :)

  3. Seems as those I'm not alone:)


  4. yeah that happens sometimes to me too.... I think back and say to myself "why did i do that? that makes no sense at all"

  5. Misty,
    I think you were more than tired. I think you were exhausted and when we get to that point, our mind is already asleep. It's all just "reaction" stage. When it's not a spanking on the table, maybe you two can have a sort of code that you can request it at a later time. I understand the kids issue, and it's hard to work around. Glad you got things straightened out. Hugs,


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